Adventure to Alaska Begins

We finally arrived to ANC late last night. It was a long day, but very thankful we, the kids and I, all made it on the same flight hours after Greg made it to ANC. Greg was able to take all our luggage, 10bags, to our new home and unload it. We wouldn’t have been able to fit in the car ūüôā

As we were heading to bed, Greg was notified he had a four day trip. After sleeping for a few short hours we woke up everyone to take Greg back to the airport. Thankful that we live about ten minutes away! It was weird to go to bed with sun up and take him to the airport with the sun up as well. My sense of time is really messed up today. The kids and I were able to come back home and sleep. Which we all greatly needed. We are bummed he had to leave so soon. Looking forward to when he returns.

We had a chill, getting organized day. We found a Wolverine park, Costco, and Walmart. It was a great day to get settled in. 

After dinner we explored a little piece of Campbell Creek Trail which is just right out our back door. We found out that there is a lake about a mile away on the trail. Hoping to walk there soon.  

Tomorrow we will find a church to attend and then off to explore more of ANC.  

-Chris Ireland

I made to it Alaska. I want to tell you that we went on a trail today. I saw river and went over three bridges. We have a nice house with lots of flowers. We brought games to play.  

Daddy is on a trip. We have lots of rooms, a nice kitchen, pictures, bear spray, and sheets.  

Yesterday we tried four times to make it on the airplane. And we finally did! We have maps here and a nice neighbor.

-Rahab Ireland

We went to the N gates, then the D gates, then C gates, and back to the D gates to try and go to Alaska. Which we made it to on the last D gate. It was a long airplane ride. When we got there we meet WSAABE, our car. There is a Mariners fan right down our street.  

Today we saw Campbell Creek. We also saw a train bridge.

-Jadon Ireland

-Esther Ireland

Travel is what my family likes to do. Good thing I like to travel also. I moved to Alaska for the summer because my dad is a Captain. The adventure all started at Jadon’s baseball game when he lost his game 16 to 8. The next day after Jadon lost we started packing it took all day to pack our suitcases and our backpacks. The next day we left for the airport in the afternoon. It took us five tries to make it on the airplane. My mom was really surprised that we were all getting on the plane because there was not going to be enough seats but two people did not show up because their flight was late. When we landed daddy was there to see us get off the airplane and took us to our new house in Anchorage then we went to bed because it was midnight. 

In the middle of the night, daddy got called to work, so we all had to take daddy to the airport. It never gets dark in Alaska but only for two hours where we live.


A gardener, this is not me. ¬†If you know me you know how much a loathe gardening. ¬†I sneeze, welt, itch, and just downright miserable. ¬†However, God is slowly showing me his truths through this garden. ¬†Greg and I inherited this beautiful, well, loved garden. ¬†I‚Äôm learning how not to kill it! ¬†No seriously, it‚Äôs a mess. ¬†The weeds are never ending. ¬†The flowers are entangled in the weeds. ¬†It’s never ending. ¬†Ugh! ¬†As I have tried to keep up with the weeds God is teaching me in the pit of weeds. ¬†

First, as a gardener, you need to know what is a weed and what is a flower.  I’m getting better at picking out the weed when it’s small versus taking over the garden.  God is showing me that is like my sin.  I first must recognize what is sin and what is fruit.  The more I grow in the Lord the more I recognize my sin.  Sin never stops coming just like those weeds in my garden.  But they are lot easier to manage when you can recognize them right away.

Second, preventing the weeds from coming up is huge! ¬†This spring I have been on a mission to ‚Äėover‚Äô bark my planters! ¬†We are getting ready to leave for the summer so I wanted to put protection on them. ¬†The bark will keep the weeds down, but it is not a substitute for the gardener. ¬†Just like attending church, reading books, listening to speakers, fellowship with believers are all important, but they is no replacement for God‚Äôs word. ¬†His word will get to the root of the problem. ¬†

Third, it takes time to garden.  The hours upon hours I have spent on the garden is still not enough to get it perfect. It will never be.  The more time I spend, however,  the more beautiful it becomes.  The fruit is incredible to eat and the flowers are appealing to the eye.  I desire for the fruit in my life to be like this.  I want it to be pleasing to His eye.  Someday I will be perfect with my Lord and Savior.  Until then I’m learning to will enjoy my time communicating with Holy Spirit in the garden.

Just for fun here is the progress Greg and I have made on just this planter in the past few weeks!  I hope I can maintain it over the years.



Bear fruit

Tonight I witnessed my teaching leader from BSF bear fruit.  Her lecture was on the 15th chapter of John.  “If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit: apart from me you can do nothing.”  John 15:5  Tonight I not only heard her preach on it, but saw it in action.  Her principles were every follower of Jesus will bear fruit and every follower must love sacrificially.  We end at 8:30pm I’m done with the day and I can image she is as well, too.  Because she is a follower of Jesus she show loved sacrificially to my children.   My kids walked right back into the sanctuary as she was cleaning up.  She stopped and sat on the steps with my kids and talked with them.  I didn’t get to hear all the details of what was said, but that is not the point.  She sat down with them, looked them in the eye, and took the time to hear their thoughts about what they learned tonight.  Her patience and love was just pouring out of her.  I praise God for this servant, fellow sister in Christ,  he has placed into our lives.  Jadon has known her from birth.  If I recall right, she served in the baby class when Jadon was an infant over 7 years ago.  He has been prayed over by this woman his whole life.  How amazing to see God working through his servants, so that his children will know Him.  I don’t know if my kids will remember this moment.   But I do pray they will look back at their lives and realize all the people God has placed in their lives to help them bear fruit.

Bear fruit my children.


Happy 10th Birthday Esther!

Happy 10th Birthday Esther!  She has already experienced much in her 10 years of life.  Dance, gymnastics, soccer, basketball, swimming, and pickle ball are the sports she has tried.  She loves the arts; drawing, painting, sewing, and piano.  Her adventure heart is contagious.  She loves to explore and experience new things.  She has a map of all the states she has already seen.  She is excited to visit all 50 states as soon as possible.  She is off to a good start, recently added Pennsylvania and will be adding New York at the end of February.

Esther sewed a purse for me!

One of her most favorite experiences she does is BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). ¬†She has been attending every week during the school since she turned two. ¬†The Lord is evident in her life. ¬†She works hard to learn and study God’s word weekly. ¬†Most importantly putting into practice what she is learning about the Lord. ¬†Her favorite song at the moment is “Trust in You” by Lauren Daigle. ¬†Our prayer for our daughter is she will seek and trust the Lord always no matter what the cost. ¬†Pray the training she has now will prepare her for the future plans God has for her.

We had a fun day celebrating her 10th birthday with a science party! ¬†The guests made their own calzones, exploded diet coke bottles and made bouncy balls! Great fun was had by all! ¬†Also the guests wrote a letter to future Esther. ¬†I can’t wait for her 21st birthday to open the letters with her! ¬†Happy Birthday to my courageous and adventurous 10 year old!

Birthday Cake!
Sibling love
She’s 10!
Our little girl
Calzone making station
Science experiment: diet coke & mentos
Bouncy Ball making
Happy Birthday!
Make a wish



PHL Trip!

One of the reasons why we homeschool is so we can be spontaneous! ¬†Like hop on Daddy’s flight and do some sight seeing. ¬†That is exactly what we did this week. ¬†We did an overnight trip to Philadelphia. ¬†We saw the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, and experienced a philly cheese steak sandwich, Dunkin Donuts & pretzels!

I enjoy being able to watch my husband do what he loves! ¬†I’m thankful my kids get to experience what Daddy does when he goes to work!

Discussing the weather to PHL
Daddy’s cockpit!

We arrived in the evening in PHL. ¬†We took a walk to do some sightseeing before dinner. ¬†I’m so amazed at all the history this city holds. ¬†We really only walked one street! ¬†Crazy to think how much more history we could have discovered here.

Walk to the Liberty Bell: We found all kinds of fun plaques with interesting history facts!
Independence Hall
Liberty Bell with the reflection of Independence Hall

We made the kids try a new restaurant.  They ended up loving the Philly cheese steak and cheesy fries!

Philly Cheese Steak!!!

We came back to the hotel and finished watching some football. ¬†Love how much our kids enjoy exploring a new place. ¬†In fact Jadon and Esther slept in their own hotel room. ¬†Made this Momma’s heart worried, but they did great and loved it!

Vegging out watching football, eating candy like a queen!
Baby is all snuggled in listening to the book! Blessed to have him as the Father of my children!

Living in Yelm we don’t experience a lot of people watching. ¬†They sure got a good dose of it in Philly! ¬†What better way then with a donut in hand!

People watching @ Dunkin Donuts!
Carson Wentz!!!

We took a tour of Independence Hall.  There is such rich history in this building alone.  Our founding fathers were very wise men!

History Lesson!
Inside Independence Hall:  Court Room
Inside Independence Hall: Where the representers convened

I was amazed at the size of the Liberty Bell.  The thickness of the bell is amazing.  Did you know there is a Bible verse written on it?  Leviticus 25:10  Proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants.

Liberty Bell

Rahab found this eagle hat. ¬†She couldn’t stop giggling ¬†ūüôā ¬†Such joy she brings to our family!

Eagles hat!
Philly LOVE!
Great view of Independence Hall
Souvenir: Flattened pennies!

After our morning of exploring the city, we headed to the airport via the train. ¬†Its like a city under the city. ¬†Its hard for me to wrap my head around all the underground trains with those skyscrapers above. ¬†Crazy! ¬†Jadon loved every minute of the train. ¬†He couldn’t get enough!

Watching for trains

Apparently Philly is know for their pretzels.  Of course we had to have pretzel before we left!  YUM!

Found Pretzels!

The kids received trading card about famous people, places, etc.  They loved reading all the history on their cards!

National Park Trading Cards

It was a great overnight. ¬†I’m glad we are able to do trips like this! And hope for many more to come as we raise our children.

Made it home! ¬†Playing in Daddy’s office ūüôā




Lake Lawrence is frozen!  Frozen enough to walk, slide, and play on!  Its like I was a little girl playing on the frozen rink from elementary school.  Loved it!  Best part was I got to enjoy it with my kids and nephew today!

Trying to walk on the ice!
Frozen all across the Lake!

Bonus: Esther has been studying about ice.  We got to see the results of ice expanding.  The ice was buckling up against the dock.  So cool!


Dance Party!

Today we celebrated Rahab’s 5th birthday with great friends and family! ¬†With a dance party for our dance lover! ¬†It was perfect! ¬†We did the chicken dance, hokey pokey, limbo, musical chairs, cha cha slide, and you can not leave out the bunny hop! ¬†Very thankful for all the friends and family who came and helped us celebrate Rahab’s 5th birthday!

Birthday Girl!
Daddy’s Girl
My Sweet Rahab!
Our Family!
Photo Booth ūüôā
5th Birthday Book!
Chicken Dance
Limbo low Jadon!
The Bunny Hop
Trying to catch her in her element!
Happy Birthday Rahab!
The Dancers!!!
And she’s out!




Most people would not know the difference between these two hats.

FO: First officer hat

Captain hat!

But in our house its a big deal!  Greg has been dreaming of this moment since he was a little boy.  It has been his focus since I met him, dated him and then married him.  Its been quite a road, but excited to announce Captain Greg Ireland.

He will be based in Anchorage by June 1st if not sooner.  This comes with big changes for our family.  Pray that Greg and I will make wise decisions for our family.  We know that God is in control and we are excited for the transition.   Also, to do some adventuring up in ANC area this summer!

Very proud of you Captain Greg Ireland!

Love you,


FYI:  Greg will now be able to taxi the airplane!  He is stoked!


Happy 5th Birthday Rahab!

Our little girl turns 5 today.  What a blessing she is to our family!  She lights up a room, has the best one liners and facial expressions.  She enjoys making people laugh.  Her laugh is contagious.

Just putting some dishes away!
Our stylin’ girl!
Learning how to dance!

Most days you will find Rahab singing, dancing and or playing the piano in our entry way.  It is just in her blood.  She loves learning in school and is excited to start kindergarten soon.  She is talking about learning to read.  Praying she will enjoy it as much has her family does.  She enjoys her dolls, painting, playing all kinds of games, playing in her kitchen, and any chance she can get in my kitchen.

Painting her new tea set!
Trying to convince Daddy not to go to work…

Happy Birthday sweet girl!  You light up our world!  May God always be your lead.

-Love Mom & Dad


Our 2016 Christmas!

Christmas Eve morning started out with caramel rolls and a puzzle.  Perfect way to start our at home Christmas!  I love the Story of Christmas puzzle.  On the outer edge it has the Christmas story from the gospel of Luke. Keeps our focus on the meaning of Christmas.

Jadon didn’t want to take a picture! But loved the caramel rolls!

We had our turkey dinner around lunch time at Don & Ferol’s with Brad, Megan and Owen. ¬†Great day to spend with family! ¬†Even if i toasted the green bean casserole a tad‚ĶOops!

We headed to the family Christmas Eve service at Crossroads.  What a blessing it was to be together as a family.  Esther read in  Luke and Greg preached!  They both did an amazing job.  My heart is full watching them serve the Lord in this manner.

Family Picture

Esther reading the Christmas story

Our house feels so magical this time of year. ¬†We love the giant tree, all the presents, but most all the celebration of Jesus’ birth.

Ready to be seen by little eyes!
Christmas sunrise!
The anticipation!
Rip them open!
Esther made me a purse!
The aftermath! Yikes!

We all enjoyed a day together playing, eating, and playing some more! ¬†We are all very excited about our new foosball table. ¬†I’m sure many hours will be spent here. ¬†We definitely had a gamed themed Christmas. ¬†Esther got a laser chess game, watch out she’s good. ¬†Greg got family Bingo! ¬†Our kids have never experienced Bingo before. ¬†We will fix that soon :). ¬† Each of the kids got a brainteaser game in their stockings. ¬†Ker-plunk, yard Jenga, and Dog house were also family gifts! ¬†We have enjoyed them all! And I also got a dart board with an amazing case made by Greg. ¬†(See the ‘I’ in the above picture=dart board!) ¬†I’m excited to get that set up!

Bring it on! Working hard to beat Uncle Mike! – some day!

We also enjoyed a ham dinner with scalloped potatoes, pineapple stuffing, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, and salad.  Yum!  Loved hosting Christmas dinner with our family!

We enjoyed our at home Christmas this year. ¬†It was such a wonderful time to remember the birth of Jesus our Savior! ¬†Merry Christmas from the Ireland’s